Fundraising Tips

Raising money to find a cure for diabetes is not as hard as you might think. Many people are impacted by diabetes through family, friends and coworkers and they often welcome the opportunity to help find a cure.

Online Fundraising

  • Set up your online fundraising website through your JDRF account. Design your site. Be creative. Tell your story through a combination of words, photos and video. To get started on designing your website, go to : Walk Registration Link and register for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

  • Send out emails to all of your contacts telling them about the Walk to Cure Diabetes and your webpage.

  • Ask them to not only visit your page and consider donating but ask them to forward your email to their friends.

Did you know that all registered Walkers have the opportunity to design their own website?

Did you know that people tend to give more when donating online? Studies have shown that people give up to 60% more online

Write a Letter

    • A personal letter to your potential donors can be compelling and effective in helping you reach your fundraising goals.

    • Want to include something that communicates what the life of someone with type 1 diabetes looks like? 

        takes your potential donor through a 24 hour day of finger pricks, carb counting and insulin shots. This is a great piece to include with your letter.

Did you know that the average JDRF Walk letter campaign raises $2,000?

Other great ways to raise money for your Walk Team

    • Sneaker Sales – Do you know of someone who has a business? They can support your Walk by selling paper sneakers at their front desk or check out registers. See what Amylin Pharmaceuticals did to promote fundraising through the sale of paper sneakers. 

    • Fundraising Menu of Ideas – Provides you with a number of great fun ways to raise money for the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Ideas include cookouts, car washes and more… Activities can be adapted to both the corporate and the neighborhood setting.

    • Matching Gifts – Your donors can add to their donation without having to use their own money. Many of your donors work for companies that have Employee Matching Gift programs. Many companies will match dollar for dollar their employees donation to your Walk Team. The problem is that many people don’t know about this so ask them to check with their HR department or check for them using the link below. Check out www.jdrf.org/matchinggifts for more information on Matching Gifts