Newly Diagnosed

A new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) can spark a range of reactions, including anger, sadness, and guilt. Whatever your feelings, they are normal, and you are not alone.

Life with type 1 diabetes poses challenges for every member of the family. Whether you have type 1 diabetes yourself, or are the parent or loved one of a person with type 1 diabetes, it takes time to adapt to the day-to-day demands of the disease. But treatment options are improving all the time, and type 1 diabetes will not prevent you or your child or loved one from living a full and active life. With medical and emotional support, people with type 1 diabetes and their families learn to cope with the demands that the disease imposes. Even a child with type 1 diabetes--depending on age--will learn to take over much of his or her care. As time goes by, everyone will gain knowledge and confidence, and be able to celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and move away from the intense feelings common after diagnosis.


About this video: A few JDRF volunteers and staff recently got together to participate in diabetes blogger Kim’s “You Can Do This” Project, and we thought it would make a very appropriate addition to this page

Until research is successful in finding a cure for diabetes, JDRF is committed to providing a more comfortable and higher quality of life for those living with diabetes, especially for the thousands of youth who must daily endure multiple insulin injections, frequent blood testing, stringent diet and exercise requirements, psychological challenges, and the potential for devastating complications.

Bag of Hope Program

The Bag of Hope program contains collections of educational and comforting materials offered by JDRF and its volunteers to meet the immediate needs of newly diagnosed youth and their families. Most of the items included in the collection are the creations of JDRF volunteers who themselves are parents of youth with diabetes. The items included are intended to communicate directly with the youth with diabetes as well as with adults.

The Bag of Hope contains the following items:

  • The book and video You Are Not Alone: A Practical Guide for Managing Diabetes
  • The video JDRF Kids Have Hope
  • Rufus The Bear - a fluffy teddy bear with diabetes
  • The book Rufus The Bear - a childrens story book that tells about the bear, Rufus, and his diabetes
  • The book Taking Diabetes to School - designed for teaching children how to tell their friends about their diabetes
  • The book Sugar Was My Best Friend: Diabetes And Me
  • The book The Kids, Food and Diabetes Family Cookbook
  • The book Parenting a Child with Diabetes
  • A collection of other practical items to assist with the daily management of diabetes

Please contact Janette Shaffer at 858-597-0240 to receive a Bag of Hope.

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