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The JDRF Mentor Program matches newly diagnosed families, teens, or adults with T1D with others that have lived with diabetes for years. Our JDRF mentors are the voices of experience and hope for those facing an unfamiliar lifestyle after diagnosis or dealing with any life stage changes.

Mentors are volunteers who give comfort, answer non-medical questions, provide resources, share stories and simply listen when you want to talk.  Get connected to others in San Diego who are dealing with similar issues surrounding life with type 1 diabetes- others who have the common goal for finding a cure.  Join our network of families and friends ranging from newly diagnosed parents, teens, children, young adults and adults who have lived with diabetes for years.

If you’re interested in becoming a peer mentor, please contact Janette Shaffer at We have regularly-scheduled mentor trainings to provide our current and potential mentors with the appropriate training and education to facilitate a positive and effective mentoring relationship.

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