Family Network

JDRF San Diego Chapter’s Family Network is a community of people whose families are impacted by T1D. The Family Network provides opportunities for families to meet one another, share experiences, ask questions, and seek encouragement. We are not professionals, but concerned parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, sons and daughters who have been where you are.

Please see the chapter's events calendar (located on the side of this page) for upcoming Family Network events or view the calendar by month. Join the group that best fits your needs or attend everything! All families living with T1D are welcome. 


Family Network is an outreach program of JDRF. All activities are organized and coordinated by volunteers. There is no cost to be connected to the Family Network. Join us! See the positive impact that results from little 1’s, k1ds, and T1 teens meeting others, siblings meeting siblings, and parents meeting other parents facing the challenges of this disease. When you participate in the Family Network, you take a step toward removing the barrier of isolation so frequently associated with diabetes and experienced by those touched by it. 

  • Family Network: Little 1’s
    Special meet ups for those with young children and toddlers ages 0-6
  • Family Network: k1ds 
    Fun get-togethers perfect for families with older kids ages 7-12
  • Family Network: T1 teens 
    Unique activities that appeal to both teens ages 13+ and their parents