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Take a break from endless finger pokes, precise carb counting, awkward injections, dreaded pump site changes, and sleepy-eyed 2:00 a.m. blood sugar checks etc.

Parents of children with type 1 diabetes in San Diego County have come together to offer these evenings of support where you can learn and share your experiences and challenges with others who are dealing with the same issues. These casual get togethers provide parents with the opportunity to discuss the many facets of parenting a child with type 1 diabetes with others who are are doing the same.

The Parent Coffee Night isnot a group of professionals, but of concerned parents who have been where you are and found peace with their new way of living.

Come discuss the challenges and your journey of parenting a child with Type 1. Groups are being held in various locations around San Diego County.

Please do not bring children, this is for adults only.

Just for Parents Coffee Schedule

Carlsbad : 2nd Thursday every other month
Poway : 2nd Thursday every other month
El Cajon : 3rd Wednesday every other month
Chula Vista : 3rd Thursday every other month
Central San Diego : 4th Wednesday every other month

For times and locations please contact Janette Wilke at 858-597-0240.

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A cure would mean Kaiden could live a long healthy life without the stress and future complications that are associated with this high maintenance disease."kaiden

Kimberly, Kaiden's mother
Kaiden, diagnosed at age 51/2

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