Find Support

Living with T1D takes perseverance. It’s been documented that people living with diabetes often feel isolated in their efforts to manage the disease. In addition, parents and loved ones can feel overwhelmed and on their own as they care for a child with T1D.

JDRF San Diego recognizes that people find support in managing their health and their family’s health through different ways. As the organization works hard to find a cure, JDRF’s goal is to provide a variety of volunteer-led programs to help people with T1D and their families gain the support they need to meet the challenges of the disease.

JDRF San Diego is fortunate to be able to provide a wide spectrum of support options led by amazing volunteers. We urge all those who are faced with a diagnosis of T1D to proactively seek the support you need through the following programs (for more information on each program, please click on the link).

Parent Mentor Program - Do you have a newly diagnosed son or daughter? Speak with another parent who has had years of experience with raising their child with T1D.

Just for Parent Coffees - Meet other parents of children with T1D and learn more about how to effectively manage the disease. All over great coffee in an informal setting.

ACT1 - Are you an adult with T1D? Interested in meeting other adults with T1D? Share your experience and learn more from others as you meet new friends who face the same challenges.

Family Network Events - Events for the whole family provide parents, children with T1D and their siblings meet each other during a fun activity.

Little 1's Events - Special meet ups for those with young children with T1D ages infant to six years old.


Find support by getting involved.