A Snapshot of San Diego Diabetes Research

JDRF supports millions of dollars every year in San Diego-based diabetes research


Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

The GNF – JDRF T1D Collaboration

In August 2009, JDRF and GNF entered into a novel collaborative research agreement to create a diabetes drug discovery platform. This four-year program is one of the largest and most comprehensive collaborations in the 40-year history of JDRF.
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La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology

Principal Investigators
Nunzio Bottini, MD, PhD
Matthias von Herrath, MD

Summary: The work of LIAI focuses on immune therapies. Dr. Bottini has identified a gene mutation that has a significant role in the body’s immune attack of beta cells. Dr. Von Herrath is working on vaccines and immune response modifiers to guide the body’s immune system to function normally and not destroy beta cells.

Salk Institute

Principal Investigator: Wylie Vale, PhD

Dr. Vale and his team have found that stimulation of stress hormone receptors (CRFR1 and CRFR2) in the pancreatic islets increases the rate that beta cells regenerate in the pancreas and induces insulin secretion. These receptors may ultimately be targets for the development of therapeutic strategies aimed at expanding beta cell mass.


The Scripps Research Institute

Peter Schultz, PhD

Dr. Schultz’s work revolves around determining why the body’s immune system attacks its own beta cells. He is looking to see whether viruses and cellular stress cause cellular changes that are triggering the autoimmune response.

UCSD Pediatric Diabetes Research Center

Principal Investigators:
Steven Chessler, MD, PhD
Alberto Hayak, MD
Ulupi Jhala, PhD
CC King, PhD
Anthony Montgomery, PhD
Maike Sander, MD

Summary: At PDRC, Drs. Jhala and Chessler are working on beta cell survival and function. Drs. Hayak, King, Montgomery and Sander are using stem cells to advance beta cell regeneration and replacement of insulin producing cells.